Project Description


Everything Hair

Brief wanted to increase their ROI in terms of monthly turnover while also building a strong, South African brand that adds value to its consumers.

Situation is a South African founded company that sells top professional hair care and beauty products online; they tasked us with expanding their reach in South Africa through building a brand that not only provides good quality products but also adds value.

Our Approach

We jumped straight in and got to work on creating a value add newsletter strategy that not only provided consumers with discounts and promotions but also added valuable tips and tricks to equip the audience better. We also aligned our targeted digital media strategy on Facebook, Instagram and Google accordingly to drive more traffic to the site. SEO and Google AdWords played a big role in the success of this strategy, as well as continues optimisations to the website for an enhanced user experience, and to the newsletter database segmentation through personal and relevant communication.


    • +20% growth in turnover per month (year on year)
    • +19% increase in traffic on the website
    • Less than 2% bounce rate on the website