Telling you that this rapidly growing COVID-19 outbreak didn’t hit any of us out of nowhere, would be a lie. The fact is, this is a global pandemic and a big reality that will impact your business.

The question is, are you doing everything you can to keep your business afloat and going? We know it can be hard finding a way to know how you can proactively manage your business during the coronavirus pandemic.

So, we didn’t write this blog post to address the virus at all, other than to say that if you don’t want to get it, your best bet is to wash your hands. ;) But here are some tips that will help you stay ahead of a downward economy.

Tips to keep your business going

Care for your people

This is one of the most important things in any business. Without your people, your business won’t be the same. It’s important to frequently communicate with employees to understand how they are being personally impacted by the virus and provide reassurances where possible about how you plan to support them.

Put an automated lead machine in place

If you don’t have automated lead processes in place, now is the time to get on that. If the economy goes down even more, you as a business owner will have to sell twice as much as you were previously. Without automation, you’re running an uphill race. Automation helps clone you and your team. Using a lead generator will put you and your team on autopilot and you will still receive fresh new leads. All you have to do is close the sale!

Push external communications

It’s important to realise that in any crisis situation, your biggest downfall could be trust. You have to make sure your clients, employees, suppliers etc trusts you 100%. Good communication with your people will build trust. So, take time to reassure all customers, stakeholders and the general public that you are taking appropriate measures to fight the outbreak. Social media is the perfect platform for this.

Put customer safeguards in place

Knowing your customers will remain loyal customers and bring in money for your business in a time like this, is scary. That’s why it’s important to put things like customer contracts in place. We know it’s a tough conversation to have currently with so much uncertainty.

Something you can also start to implement is initiating conversations with your clients and customers about the coronavirus. Simply ask them if their budgets and marketing strategy have been affected by the pandemic. Create an open line of communication, this can help you plan in case things do start to change and their budgets go away.
Sending out surveys to your customers and clients to get a better understanding of how they’re dealing with the virus, is a great idea. You can use a platform like SurveyMonkey, it’s a great platform for surveys. Figure out whether your customers are still customers and what they now require from you.

If cash is tight, remember that not everything has to be done in cash: Get creative and think about how you can barter with other products and services.

Ask for patience

People today are used to having everything at the snap of their fingers. We as a creative agency, know this too well. We are used to get things done quickly, it’s always a rat race. The current situation we are in, will be hard for most simply because they won’t get the services and goods they want as soon as they want them.

Something people need to understand is that most businesses are doing the best that they can. After all, they, their employees, and their families are suffering too. Everyone is in this together. So, while you get things sorted out, you should ask your customers for some patience.

Use downtime productively

Make the most this spare time you have, to think about developing any new services and procedures you haven’t previously had time for. Galvanize your staff and help them feel productive and valued by involving them in this process. Think about possible areas for improvement, such as modernization of technology. Now could be the time to take advantage of new business opportunities.

While the near-term outlook for businesses continues to look uncertain, what’s important for us to remember is that we will all get out of the tunnel.