Imagine This was founded in the peak of the digital marketing era. As a nimble start-up with great ambition, we’ve enjoyed a lot of success over the past seven years. We’ve equipped small businesses to thrive in the dynamic digital space, fuelled growth for industry-leading companies, and expanded our team with big dreamers and creative thinkers.

Since then, the world has drastically changed. Everything is moving faster and developing quicker. People’s needs, desires and interests are more diverse than ever before. That means marketing has become more complex than ever before; making it even harder to run a successful business.

All these novel challenges have presented us with our biggest opportunity to date. We have decided to do things differently.

This led us to starting two new businesses over the past two years. First to address the complexities of being fully human in our modern society. And secondly, to enable a new generation to start and scale healthy businesses.

With this expansion, Marco Haasbroek is shifting into a new role as the CEO of the Imagine Group. His primary goal will be to further develop the group to have the greatest possible impact in the communities and industries we operate in.

1. Imagine This (Parent Company)
With the implementation of AI tools in marketing, we know that the tenet of successful advertising will still be how well a brand can relate to its audience. As the industry advances, our core focus will be optimisation and personalisation. Navigating automation in digital marketing with expertise will elevate our partnered businesses to new levels of success.

2. BrandClarity (Sister Company)
BrandClarity offers consulting and coaching frameworks in response to the growing need for direction and mentorship in how best to manage operations. Using our experiences across multiple industries over the past decade, we have the skills and experience to develop clear plans that can exponentially grow businesses.

3. Flourish (Separate Entity)
More than ever before it’s important for people to focus on what really matters and who they want to be. By focusing on people-development, we can improve the overall emotional wellness of individuals at home and at work. Because better people make better teams, better teams make better communities, and better communities make better companies.

“As a business in an ever-evolving industry, we are excited to be at the forefront of the intersection of technology and psychology. Our core value remains growing businesses and developing people.”

– Marco Haasbroek, Founder and CEO of the Imagine Group

This has been two years in the making and we as a team have worked hard for the past nine months to rollout the plan. We are thrilled to share this news with you. The group has some adventurous goals for the next year to bring this plan to fruition. We aim to set new industry standards for how to approach business in the digital age.

If you have any questions or uncertainties, please do not hesitate to reach out.